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Costa d’Oro

Costa d’Oro 

TVC and photography.
Chef Simone Zanoni welcomes us into his kitchen in Umbria, Italy to reveal the secret touch to all his dishes - a dash of Costa d'Oro Olive Oil. Shot in Paris, France and Spoleto, Italy

Full Credits
Production company: Victor & Simon
Director (V&S) - Victor Picon
CEO & Producer (V&S) - Simon Cachera
Brand and Production Manager (V&S) - Noëlla Neffati
Art Direction (V&S) - Hortense Lauras

Producers - Victoria Lechevalier & Kathy Sihavong

Chef - Simone Zanoni

Spoleto Team
Camera Operator - Simon Gasc
Sound Operator - Jean-Baptiste Marcant
Art and Food Stylist - Virginie Robichon
Runner - Antoni Tricoli

Special thanks to Giuseppe, Chiara, and Ginestra at Wow Tapes (Rome)

Paris Team
Camera Operator - Simon Gasc
1st AC - Thomas Bazin
2nd AC - Marie Guédon
Steadicam - Thomas Burgess
Lights - Johan Leroux
Electro - Pete Hawk, Antoine Siboun
Sound Operator - Jean-Baptiste Marcant
DIT - Eduardo Fraschini, Sefyan Arbaoui
Art and Food Stylist - Zoe Armbruster
MUA/H - Antoine l'Hébrellec
Stylist - April Jumelet
Runners- Virgile Lambeaux, Jeanne Prouteau